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12/02/2021 at 10:26
A warm welcome to all of you to our "Tea House"!
A first-class and fairytale Tea House has opened at the BBI Center, where you can find top-quality teas and phenomenal tea utensils. ...
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11/17/2021 at 13:42
Modiana store opend in BBI Center
Modiana BBI, a new shopping oasis, opened its doors on November 12, 2021. in BBI Center. The newly opened store has well-known urban brands by which this chain has been recognizable for many years. ...
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10/26/2021 at 11:46
Pharmacy B Pharm now in a larger and more beautiful location
The beautiful B Pharm pharmacy is now in a much larger space in the BBI Center, on floor -1!Visit a renovated pharmacy and find great products for your beauty and health! ...
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10/25/2021 at 15:55
PLAZA Perfumery brings a breath of London to BiH
The leading luxury British skin care brand No. 1 is now available in all PLAZA perfumeries as well as on ...
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09/30/2021 at 16:47
The new Salsa Jeans collection has arrived
The new Salsa Jeans collection just came in to your favorite Salsa Jeans shop at BBI Center! ...

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shopping: 09.00 - 21.00

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shopping: 10.00 - 18.00

gastro: 08.00 - 22.00

supermarket: 08.00 - 22:00

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